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Official Launch of the 5th China Software Cup” Software Design Competition for College Students 2016

Sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MIIT), the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (MOE) and People’s Government of Jiangsu Province, China, the 5th “China Software Cup” Software Design Competition for College Students started registration officially on February 1, 2016 after preparations such as topic collection and review in the earlier stage. Now, the topics are published online. College and vocational students nationwide may select their topics and register on the official website of the Competition ( from February 1 to April 30.

Select carefully and keep pace with the situation

How can talent development at colleges get connected with requirements of the emerging information industry? How can more high-level talented software professionals be discovered to boost capability of independent innovation in the software industry? These are crucial issues that the software specialty education at colleges is confronted with and should think about. At the topic review meeting for the 5th Competition, leaders from MIIT said the topics are supposed to keep up with the industrial policies and focus on the application and practical training of next generation information technologies such as cloud and big data. Topic quality should be regarded as key to success of the Competition and checked strictly, enabling the Competition to play a key role as an engine and platform in integrating the industry and education and connecting entrepreneurship with investment.

In addition, it was identified that applicants would be divided into two groups for undergraduate and vocational students, respectively, during the topic collection for the Competition, to guarantee scientific topics classification, unified review standards and fair talent selection. In doing so, the undergraduate group may focus on overcoming technical challenges and practical applications whereas the vocational group may focus on both innovation and practice in the preparatory stage, maximizing their enthusiasm and initiative in software design and development.

Keep a foothold in the industry and sustain innovation

To address requirements of the software industry for increasing talent capacity and enhance the creativity and observability, the Competition will seek for more breakthroughs in content and rules. Previous winners will be invited to exchange and share experience with competitors on site during the Competition. In addition to Chinese students, teams from foreign countries such as Korea, Germany and the US may also be invited to enlarge the influence of the Competition, escalating it to an international competition.

At the two-day meeting for topic reviews, we found the topics collected for the 5th Competition seize the forefront of the industry and closely follow industrial hotspots. For example, the topic “commercial big data analytics based on face recognition,” which was submitted by Jiangsu GuoRuiXinAn Technology CO., LTD., has diversified application scenarios and high feasibility . As we all know, the typical billboards at shopping malls cannot improve experience by sensing user behaviors but display and release information. However, commercial big data analytics based on face recognition can depict user portraits in multiple dimensions to achieve precise marketing. The college experts thought the topic may examine how competitors can collect head information and analyze and dig up population information, and will provide technological support for increasingly matured precise advertising.

Additionally, the topic “mobile IOV application”, which was submitted by PCITC, requires competitors to develop basic functions such as making a reservation for refueling, calling attention to the nearest gas station and intelligent navigation, which are also compliant with nonfunctional standards including novel design and remarkable user experience. It imposes new challenges to competitors in creative practice. In addition, the topics “user interaction analysis and presentation” and “mobile apps”, which were submitted by China TravelSky Holding Company and Kingsoft Corp, respectively, also attracted much attention and were highly praised and recommended by the review experts.

It’s reported that organizing committee of the Competition will make greater efforts to expand the scale, strengthen team building, provide more just review standards and improve the organization and promotion, to better match its strategic positioning as the “weather vane” for software innovation across the country.  

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